Banish Spring Fever by Boosting Your Office Fun Factor

It’s springtime, which means if you’re like me, these beautiful days are making you super restless in the office. Do you agree? Have you noticed your team getting antsy in their swivel chairs? Now is the perfect time of year to step up the fun factor at the office to keep your team motivated. Here are some affordable, easy ways to have some fun with your team!

Get outside

Get outside

Spring and summer became much more enjoyable when our office invested in a picnic table and some lawn chairs from Costco. For a small team it wasn’t a huge investment to make. We step outside during lunchtime, eat our lunch, and soak up some vitamin D.

This time of the year we take advantage of the walking trail by our office. Need to have a meeting? Forget the conference room. Turn the meeting into a walk-and-talk instead. If you don’t have a walking trail nearby, try picking a destination. Have a walk-and-talk all the way to a local coffee shop, treat your employee, and head back. Get those wheels turning on the way and the two of you will surely spin out some great ideas.

So lets say you work in an industrial park with no good walking areas. It’s time for you to bring the outdoors inside. Get some plants! Green up your space! Enough said!

Go Gourmet

Go Gourmet

What investments can you make to boost the fun factor for your employees who brown bag it everyday? A panini press is a affordable way to help your employees take their sandwiches to the next level. Panini presses also help people show off their creativity. Why limit your lunches to sandwiches? Throw some eggs on there. Grill some veggies. Make a hot pb&j. There are no rules! (Just don’t burn anything, it might get a little stinky…)

Maybe you’re the chef. Show off your skills to gain some cool points and treat your team to something special. Summertime Pancake Breakfast Mondays could help your team get excited about coming back to work after a gorgeous weekend.

If all else fails, you could make it easy on yourself and just keep the fridge stocked with delicious cold drinks all summer long. No complaints about delicious beverages.

Space Upgrade


Sometimes even a small change can make old things feel new. What additions or changes can you make make to the office environment to freshen things up? Maybe add a piece of art, rearrange the art you already have, or commission something brand new just for you!

Do you have values or principles your company operates by? Are they on display anywhere? No!? Now’s the right time to figure out how to best display those. It doesn’t have to be an expensive fix, maybe a fun graphic on a bulletin board or an affordable banner with your vision printed on it. Hang it in a high traffic zone where everyone can see it and be inspired.

Find a way to shift up the space. See once what the team thinks of rearranging the furniture. Sometimes a shift of the things in a space can make everything feel brand new again.

Low Stakes Competitions


Low stakes competitions are a great way to help everyone get out of the routine. Look on the internet for fun ideas, or make up your own! If you’re adding plants to the office, why not turn that into a game? Start your plant off as a seed, and as it grows everyone can start to guess what kind of plant it is. The first one to guess gets a prize!

Not a green thumb? How about splitting the office up into teams, set a goal, and whichever team achieves it gets a special prize (i.e. split the office into teams by coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. Whoever brings in the most for a food drive gets their favorite drink stocked in the break room that week.)

Need something even lower stakes? Put some fun 15-minute-play games in the break room that people can enjoy at lunchtime. (Farkle, Monopoly Deal, and Bananagrams are all great choices.)

Express Yourself

Express yourself

Find ways to let people show off their personalities and get to know each other better. Give everyone in the office an allowance to decorate their work station or buy some stickers for their laptop. Everyone could buy the same thing, like a wall calendar, and see what theme people pick. Cats? Puppies? Star Wars? Star Trek? It’s fun to see aspects of personalities come out when given the opportunity for self-expression. If you can find the budget, try something like t-shirt day. Everyone needs an opportunity to show off their t-shirt collection.

What other fun things can you think of? Leave a comment below. Be sure to check out Best Place to Work Podcast for more ideas on how to make your business an excellent place to work.