Episode: Justin Moses

Justin Moses of DSI

Justin Moses is the Culture Warrior at DSI, and e-discovery firm in Nashville, Tennessee. DSI was featured in INC. “50 Best Places to Work.”

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Tell me about DSI

  • DSI is a litigation support firm. Drive down cost of attorney review through software
  • Attorney review can be the most expensive part of litigation
  • Company founded company in 1999
  • Started out as a paper company, copying papers for opposing counsel.
  • We changed with technology and the industry
  • Digital forensics and e-discovery
  • One of the first firms in the nation to have an e-discovery case
  • Built software around the documents
  • Now it’s AI or call to information and suggested lists
  • Gets attorneys to the most pertinent documents sooner.

How many employees do you have now?

  • 75 employees

How does being “unsexy” affect your ability to attract talent?

  • Dealing with big cases and attorneys can be stressful. Late night calls, weekend work.
  • The founders wanted a place where people were excited to come to work
  • Used to be unlimited vacation and we don’t care what you do as long as you get your work done.
  • As we started to grow, we needed to be more intentional about our culture
  • Not a lot of firms who do what we do put an emphasis on culture. It’s a differentiator for us.
  • We’re attracting people so much that they’re willing to take a paycut for better work/life balance.

What things attributed to being voted best place to work…?

  • Feedback from the team. We worked with a company coach who helped us identify our core purpose and core values. “E-discovery is about people” – cultural initiatives feed into core purpose
  • We hold quarterly meetings to set goals
  • Quarterly meeting is everyone. It gets heated. What happens in the quarterly meeting stays in the quarterly meeting. Executives love when people are honest and show passion, even if it gets heated.
  • It can be uncomfortable, but this is how we grow.

What else?

  • TINYpulse software sends out a question every two weeks about how happy are you at work from a scale of zero to ten. Values questions. Anonymous.
  • Leadership team reviews and responds.
  • It also has an idea box. Things like “Listerine in the bathroom.” or hourly employees wanting PTO and holiday pay. That was a no brainer, we said let’s give it to them!

Has anything not worked?

  • We developed a program called Discover Your Community, where we were planning on doing a big service project on a weekend…but we found out that people like their weekends.
  • We reworked it into a monthly charity highlight. It works a lot better now.

What do you hope for the future?

  • Continue to grow
  • I’ve only been in this position for two years, and my goal is to improve individuals. I’m starting to see the results of that now. Things like running a marathon, quitting smoking, losing 20 pounds. I want that program to continue to grow and spread to families and clients. A culture that can be highlighted for other companies to come in and ask how they can do the same thing for theirs.

Anything you want to add?

  • I think what’s strong about us is our transparency. It allows us to be engaged and know what we’re working for.  



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